If you still need to pay for your course
  • pay with cash/card in-store before the course date,
  • bring cash to the course,
  • pay with cash/card in-store during the course lunch break
This is a private property address. The driveway is a slope.
If your vehicle can not handle the terrain in adverse weather please let us know, we can make arrangements to transport you from our retail location, a few miles down the road. 

Please dress appropriately for the weather and for shooting range activities. 

Closed-toed shoes required.
Full-length pants, hat, jacket recommended. 

If you do not have your own eye/hearing protection we can provide that for you.

Please bring your pistol into the classroom Unloaded and leave your ammunition in your vehicle.
No Ammunition in the Classroom

We understand that many new shooters take this course.
There is no shame in not knowing how to function your firearm.
If you need help, leave everything in your vehicle and we will gladly come to assist you.

Thank you for registering for our Course.