Firearm Transfers

An easy process but feel free to give us a call, we don't mind. 
We are happy to facilitate transfers from other dealers, stores, websites, online auctions or if you are just transferring a firearm to another person for any reason.
Transfer fee: $20.

If you are purchasing a firearm from our sales website:
there is no need to email us, 
we will simply contact you when it arrives.

Check the links below for details on Your transfer type

Inbound Transfers
(I bought a firearm online)

Outbound Transfers
(I need to ship a firearm to another dealer)

Person To Person Transfer
(I am buying/selling a firearm from/to a local person)


*transfer fee is due at the time of background check.
*firearms left on premises for transfer longer than 30 days incur an additional $5 transfer fee; per firearm.
*firearms left on premises for transfer longer than 60 days incur an additional $10 transfer; fee per firearm.
*firearms left for transfer longer than 90 days are considered abandoned;

and will not be transferred and become the property of PFS, LLC. 


*In the event of a "Denied transfer" notice from the FBI;  

it is your responsibility to contact the company you purchased from to get a return label.