Firearm Transfers

An easy process but feel free to give us a call, we don't mind. 
For just $20,
we are happy to facilitate transfers from other dealers, stores, websites, online auctions or if you are just transferring a  firearm to another person for any reason.
Once you have completed your online transaction just forward the confirmation email that you receive from your retailer, as well as your preferred method of contact to:
as soon as we receive the details,
 we will contact your retailer
and contact you when the firearm(s) are ready for transfer. 

If you are purchasing a firearm from our sales website: 
there is no need to email us,
we will simply contact you when it arrives.

Feel free to shoot us a line for further details.


*firearms left on premises for transfer longer than 30 days incur an additional $5 transfer fee per firearm.
*firearms left on premises for transfer longer than 60 days incur an additional $10 transfer fee per firearm.

*firearms left for transfer longer than 90 days are considered abandoned and will not be transferred and become the property of PFS, LLC. 
*In the event of a "Denied transfer" notice from the FBI, It is your responsibility to contact the company you purchased from to get a return label.


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